South Africa is currently in the grip of financial hardship where more than 25% of the population is unemployed. Many Disabled people are in a situation where their families are in survival mode with one or both of the partners in the relationship not being able to work (in order to provide care) and this simply means that the Disabled are at the back of the queue for resources and are, thus, in dire straits. The Intellectually Disabled are even worse off simply because most are unemployable in any meaningful way. In many cases, affording care for these poor souls is not even remotely possible while in other cases, the mentally impaired are orphaned and just don’t have family left- where are they going to live and be cared for?

Quality care for those who can afford it only-we, from Providence Foundation, don’t think so! In South Africa, institutions, care centres, homes and facilities for people with special needs are available and mostly offer service of quality but beds are often left empty while the mentally impaired live on the street, neglected and abused because their families can’t afford to pay for the necessary care. More than 50% (30.4 million people) of the population in South Africa are living in poverty (https://m.fin24.com/Economy), of which 7.5%= 2 280 000(www.statssa.gov.za) are disabled to various degrees; unfortunately, only a minimal number of these needy people are able to afford the care they require.

Our registered NGO ‘Providence Foundation’, initiated and run by professional care givers and parents of children with special needs, is aiming to make a difference: with your help we strive to provide live-long quality care to those who can’t afford it but desperately need it.