We are four people who live and work at homes for mentally impaired adults; some of us have impaired children ourselves.
Being care givers and managers of those facilities, we so often had to realise that receiving quality care as a person with special needs is something one has to be able to ‘afford’. If you have money, you can choose the best home and care facility for your child. If you are poor, underprivileged, an elderly single parent, an orphan or just in a tight spot, you cannot afford this kind of care, least of all sustainable care.
We chose to make a lasting difference by founding Providence Foundation. This is a registered NPO/NGO (Registration number 2017/446346/08), which aims to provide sustainable quality care for ALL in South Africa.

Here we are, driven to make a significant change to society:

John Robinson, owner and managing director of care facility ‘Trevelyn Lodge’ for adults with special needs (www.trevelynlodge.co.za). Mostly accommodating and caring for the mentally impaired from wealthier families, he is left with a feeling of responsibility to help the less fortunate, who cannot afford such good quality or any care at all. He says he feels particularly driven to make an effort as he finds himself in a situation where he actually can do something for the underprivileged/less fortunate through founding and initiating Providence Foundation for them. His empathy for all people with special needs is profound and his understanding of their situations immense-“it is not the disabled person’s fault that they can’t afford care, it’s their unfortunate circumstances which can’t be changed”. He aims to fill beds with ‘paying customers’ not only at Trevelyn Lodge, but many care facilities throughout the country which are available, though unaffordable for the poor.


Angie Windle was born on the 27th of November 1959 in Johannesburg . She and Florence Mandengenda, born on the 08.11.57 in Mutare, Simbabwe, are co-founders of Providence Foundation. They are presently managers and housemothers at the care facility ‘Trevelyn Lodge’ for people with special needs in Vredenburg on the west-coast South Africa’s. Angie has worked for people with special needs, street children and others in need all her life. She says all she ever wanted to do was to work with mentally impaired people; she feels strongly about helping and caring for them, and so does Florence, who says ‘she has an inborn urge to help those who can’t help themselves’. Angie and Florence wanted to be part of ‘Providence Foundation’ because “what can the people do, where can people like Simon John (meet him under ‘the wonderous differently abled’) go, when they can’t afford to pay for care? They will live on the street, be neglected and abused, get sick and die. They are unable to help themselves and urgently need our help.”


Alexandra Guenther: fundraiser for Providence Foundation and founder of ‘Ikhaya Loxolo-home and farm for people with special needs'(www.ikhaya-loxolo.org) in the rural former Transkei, Eastern Cape of South Africa. Alexandra was born (04/10/1977) and raised in Germany, where she also trained for 5 years as an educator for people with special needs and has since trained others in her field. She is passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves, those, who can’t ask for help because they may be unable to speak or think up a sentence ‘coherent’ enough to be understood by others. “How can they receive support if it isn’t for people like you and us, who seek and give assistance on their behalf?”


Alexandra is also the administrator of this web page and welcomes constructive comments on the site!