The wonderous differently abled

Here you will meet fun filled, happy, and most amazing people, who need YOU to keep them smiling. Being looked after at the moment in facilities- where dwindling funds create hardship. They are orphans or abandoned and have nobody to look to for help but you and me!

         Jamie-Lee, 21 years old:







Seeing Jamie’s big smile and knowing her sunny nature, you wouldn’t believe that she was abandoned by her parents when she was only 2 years old; dealing with a child with down-syndrome is quite a challenge to any parent, certainly immensely burdensome when you are ‘underprivileged’, without support system and financial means.
Having been passed on from carer to carer and home to home due to her inability to meet remuneration criteria, Jamie-Lee needs nothing more than a permanent home, where she can stay with the friends she so easily makes. Where she may start trusting a friend and carer knowing she won’t have to leave again soon.
In her own words:” I’d like to stay here, at Trevelyn Lodge…..I have so many friends here. I do have family, but they never come to visit. But I don’t mind, as this here is my family now.”
In my quest to try and find sponsors for her, Jamie asked me to tell you: “Please let me stay with John at Trevelyn Lodge, that’s the biggest wish in my life”

Wendy-Anne Smith, 54 years old:

Wendy-Anne-Smith, 54 years old







Wendy, as seen in the picture, appreciates the smallest thing, even being fed is pure pleasure for her! Being cared for in a home for people with special needs called ‘Trevelyn Lodge’ for the last 3 years, she is in great dire straits now as her brother is no longer able to pay monthly fees required of any care facility in South Africa.
Wendy is severely impaired, mentally as well as physically due to lack of oxygen at birth; the hospital just didn’t have any available for their incubators at that time. What such a ‘minor’ lack of equipment could imply for an individual and his/her family is unimaginable for us. The pain, the severity of impairment, the cost involved! Hospital visits, operations, care facilities at about R 5000-9000 per month (= Euro 333-600, US$357-642)! This family has used up all their funds caring for Wendy for 54 years and both parents are now deceased. In a plea for your help, Wendy’s brother says: “[….]Wendy is my sister and it is with my Godly and brotherly love that I look after and take care of her[…]Trevelyn Lodge has been so good to Wendy and she is really happy staying there[…].
We as a family cannot afford the fees now that the estate is running dry, and we are seriously stressing about Wendy’s future[…] “
Without your help, Wendy, unfortunately, will have to leave her present care facility soon, to stay with her brother, his wife and 2 own children. On first sight one might think ‘how lovely for her to stay with her family’! BUT: she needs 24 hour intensive one on one care, should her brother resign his job, or his wife neglect her own children so she may care for Wendy?


Simon John, 36 years old









Simon has lived at Trevelyn Lodge for 15 years; for 15 years John Robinson has been depending on sponsors for Simon John in order to cover Simon’s expenses at this home for people with special needs. Simon is an orphan without siblings; his only financial means is the government pension of the Disabilty Grant, R 1500 at present, leaving him short of R 6000 to pay monthly fees at a home/care facility for the mentally disabled. Often there is no financial support/sponsorship at all, leaving a big hole in the facility’s budget and therefore all other residents and the home in jeopardy; having to decide again and again whether Simon may stay a resident or has to go-but go where? Simon loves riding his bike, helps with feeding the horse at Trevelyn Lodge as well as doing the laundry; he says he enjoys both ‘jobs’ equally.
He loves people and when I asked him who his best friend is he answered: “Everybody is my best friend”